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Get naked for us! Girls night out… (CFNM)

Hello Reader,

We meet again reader, and welcome back… my dirty mind has just been dying to share my latest “girls night out” with little ol’ you.

Many times I get callers asking if I could have my way with them, what would I do? “There are no limits Tabetha, I just want to . . . → Read More: Get naked for us! Girls night out… (CFNM)

Tabetha’s Honesty Policy (Humiliation)


Hello Reader,

If you’re reading this blog post, you clearly came here for another “honesty pounding”….

Recently, I have had a lot of my callers ask about my “honesty policy”, something I pride myself in. Yes, of course I get callers who would like a fantasy, and a role play type of call. . . . → Read More: Tabetha’s Honesty Policy (Humiliation)

Blogging Does The Body Good!

Or… is that milk does the body good?! 😉


Hello loyal readers, and welcome!

Thank YOU, for taking the time to click on my profile, and read through my blogs.  You must forgive my hiatus from blogging.  If you happen to be a creative personality, like myself, then I’m sure you will understand what . . . → Read More: Blogging Does The Body Good!

Fun with female cuckolds

In the past few years, I have had this increasing desire to find a hot couple, get to know the girl really well, and then somehow-JUST SOMEHOW-I want to find a way to introducing ME fucking her husband while she watches and ONLY gets to play with herself. I’m sure it’s going to take . . . → Read More: Fun with female cuckolds

The sensual nature of humiliation

As a Phone Sextress, I am constantly seeing the blurred lines between reality and what SHOULD be reality with my most intimate of friends during a call. Oftentimes, I am bombarded with the most interesting and attractive guys that seem to have it all. They have gorgeous women falling all over themselves, money, power . . . → Read More: The sensual nature of humiliation

The sensual power of a chastity belt

You know, it seems as if boys have all the fun with metal and all things “manly” and obtrusive. But, for once, us ladies have the joy of working with our hands and handling keys and locks and shiny metal objects! The overwhelming satisfaction of being able to grab a big, ornamental metal key . . . → Read More: The sensual power of a chastity belt