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Rock you like a Hurricane!

Well hello, reader, and welcome back to my Mistress blog.

It has been a long time coming since I last made an update, and to be honest, I have had a few requests for more updates and sexy stories now that my schedule has opened up again. The kid is back, and feeling better than ever. And if that doesn’t get your motor running, the fact that it’s summer should. As some may know, with summer comes hurricane season and a whole lotta Tabetha in a bikini action. Yeah,buddy! We’re talking sexy tan lines, parties, and more phone fucking fun coming at ya harder than a line drive coming right for your face!

Rock you like a hurricane!

Rock you like a hurricane!

So what have I been up to?

Well, in my last post, I had the chance to explain to you about my health issues, and how thankful I have been for everyone here at LDW for the amazing support, but also the awesome callers and friends I have here too. Y’all really got me through a rough time with all of the love and encouragement. It feels like we haven’t skipped a beat.

Update: My lady office is up and better than I anticipated.

As you may or may not be aware, what was going to just be a small “she shed” (look it up, it’s a thing), has turned into a pretty bad ass tiny home. Something that I can add as I go, or just keep it as is. On top of that, I am working on digging up a small plunge pool next to my deck, and let’s just say digging is an insane way to get in your cardio/strength training. I have such respect for people who work hard every day, but I will say it’s a bitch on my lady hands. I’ve had to learn the hard way to always wear your gloves when you’re using a shovel, even if you think you don’t need them. My good friend Riley, who is a manicurist, scolded me for blistering up my paws while I was digging this past week. HA!


Speaking of blistering things up…

I had a delightful two Mistress call with the sultry Mistress Stephanie. I honestly cannot say enough how much I enjoyed my time with her and our caller. Stephanie is amazing at tease and denial, and knows just how to heat things up in a way, that you’ll want her to hurt you so good. Trust me, she can take it from sexy to darker in a wink of an eye. She rocked both mine and our callers socks with her clear instruction and calming voice. If you haven’t spoken to her, please take the time to do so, or better yet, set up a two Mistress call with Mistress Stephanie, and check out her blog while you’re at it! Your aching balls can thank me later. And of course tell her Mistress Tabetha sent you!

At any rate, I couldn’t be more ready for this summer to officially get going. Mudding in pick ups, fishing by the beach, stand up paddle boarding in questionable bayous. And of course, talking and texting pool side with my favorite person, you. This is really my time of year to catch up and relax. Where bikini’s are always optional, and having fun is the only way of life.

xoxoxo Tabetha

***If you would like to schedule a session with me, please feel free to email me at and I would be happy to set that up for you.




Is It Me You’ve Been Looking For?

Is me you’ve been looking for?

Hello, reader, and thank you for taking the time to find your was to my Mistress corner. If you’re here, you are in spirit with me, and I thank you kindly for taking a moment to just be “us” for a little while. Perhaps you’ve been checking on my blog, or social media for an update? Or you’ve even taken the time to send me emails with sweet thoughtful notes, gifts from my wishlist to feel better, or even e-cards with “get well soon” puppies. Those gestures mean a lot to me. Not only as a Mistress who respects her relationships, but as Tabetha, the person, who is so thankful for your thoughtfulness. Really, thank you.

As you can imagine, reader, it’s a pretty remarkable feeling, for me to know and understand the love that you have so graciously poured out upon me while I have been away. It has been so humbling. If you aren’t aware, I have been in and out of the hospital with some pretty bad/scary health issues. My life has changed a great deal this year, but at the end of the day, I am trying my best to have (and am achieving) a positive attitude, as I am returning to optimal health.

I am so grateful for you, and our time together!

My heart is looking for uplifting and positive souls!

I am so grateful for you, and your loyal heart. There are changes in my life and schedule, but the support that you all have shown me has remained concrete and unchanging, my friend. I want to show you how grateful I am for our interactions, that I want to keep an open door of communication with you reader. I want to continue to share my thoughts in an open manner, and of course answer you questions with the utmost joy of sincerity and honesty from my heart.

In tune with keeping communication open with you reader, I am currently sticking to a strict schedule for the next few months (until I can get my lady office fully built). Text sessions with me will be a great way of keeping in touch every day and night for sessions. But, if you can wait and would much rather hear my voice, I’m going to be around taking calls mainly on the weekends. If by chance I get to come in during the weekend, I will be tweeting, tumblr-ing, blogging, anything to get the word out that I will be getting on the phones and getting pervy with you. And of course, you can always email me, and I will try my very best to accommodate a time that we can share a session together.

Again, thank you for taking the time to pick me as your friend and Mistress. I have made a true friendship with you, reader, and look forward to maintaining that with you for many years to come. Please know that my life has changed, but I’m still that kinky, laid back chick you love to laugh with.

xoxoxo Tabby Cat

**** If you would like to set up a call or a text session, or just to say hello and reconnect… please email me at, and I would be happy to schedule a session with you. 


Ass Kissing Under the Mistletoe?

Hello there, reader, and welcome back to my Mistress musings. This post brings you some special holiday cheer in the form of one of my very favorite things, Ass Worship. Oh yeah, and just a hint of lipstick for leaving that perfect hint of color behind. If you’re a fan of lipstick and/or ass kissing, then of course keep on reading.

Ass kissing is your specialty

Ass kissing is your specialty

You caught me this time! It’s true reader. You witnessed subbie kissing Tabetha’s ass underneath the mistletoe last night. But imagine the sight you would seen if subbie had a very thick swipe of bright sticky lipstick placed just so on his pout, by none other than his Mistress, prior to his required ass kissing.

“Pucker up Beautiful,” Is exactly what I would say to you, as I paint your ass worshiping face. I would delight in witnessing you press your lips together like a lady. Can you feel your mouth transform for my pleasure? I want you to glide the tip of your tongue on your lips. Can you taste it? Good. Now get on your knees for me, lippy lover. I’ll just bend over right in front of your useful face, so you can hike up my skirt and worship my ass properly.

Come closer subbie, and kiss my ass! You heard me fucker, kiss my ass and cover it with your lipstick covered pucker. Oh, come on, subbie, smooch on up and kiss that flower too. And don’t worry, we’ll coat those lips with an extra thick layer of lipstick, just so I can feel that bulls-eye tingle. More kisses on my ass, drilling that mouth deeper into my bootie. Oh my, was that your tongue?

Kiss my Ass!

Ass Kissing Done right!

I can feel every single one of those kisses on my ample bum. And it feels so good, you’re giving me goosebumps. Maybe its the desire I can feel with each press of your lips up against my cheeks, but you are getting me so turned on and wet. I could quite literally cum with this perfect effort of an ass worshiping slut. More ass kissing, I need more of those submissive kisses of adoration on my derriere. I need to see with my own eyes the prints you leave behind. I need to feel your hot mouth touching me from behind.

Don’t forget to use some tongue! Oh, fuck yes, you know exactly what I am talking about, subbie, an ass worshiping isn’t really an ass worshiping without a lil’ bit of french kissing back there. Kiss all you want, but I like my kisses with deep tongue fucks as well. And if you aren’t deep enough, don’t worry, I can always lend you a helping hand to the back for your head. Maybe even pulling your hair just so firmly, as I slam my ass into your face, just grinding that sweet spot on your starved tongue. I’ve got a great idea! Let’s see if we can make a mess out of your lipstick under the mistletoe tonight.

xoxox Mistress Tabetha

*** If you’re interested in setting up an ass worship session with me or would just like to chat, please email me at, and I would be happy to assist you. 



Sissy Claus, A Kinky Wonderland Story

Hello there, reader, and many happy returns to my Mistress blog. Today’s post is yet another edition to our Kinky Wonderland blog series. And, with her permission, a somewhat true story inspired by a very special little Sissy I know. If you are looking for a little sissy holiday cheer, or would just like to peek at some of my sissy thoughts, then I implore you to continue on with my naughty story. And while you’re getting your Kinky Wonderland read on, please have a gander at the very scrumptious Mistress Christine’s blog post from yesterday. If you’re a fan of BBC, I highly recommend you give her post a lusty glance.

Sissy Claus, in a Kinky Wonderland

Sissy Claus, in a Kinky Wonderland

I find sissyies to be absolutely charming and nurturing people. I fully enjoy their girlie companionship and their opinion’s on many things, such as fashion and, of course, big dick. But it’s safe to say that there is one special Sissy that I am quite fond of. Some may know her as “Jizzy”, but I think for this particular posting, “Sissy Claus” will fit her just perfectly.

“Yes, Mistress Tabetha, there is a Sissy Claus.” “Yes there is a Sissy Claus, she exists just as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life it’s highest beauty and joy.” Isn’t that the prettiest quote? But let’s be honest, that is my friend “Sissy Claus”. I would say that she is a symbol to all of us here at LDW. She is a Sissy Claus that fully embodies the generous nature of our callers and Mistresses alike. “She does exist, just as love and generosity and devotion exist.” Wow, again such a powerful expression of what this holiday spirit is all about. Why as a matter of pointing out, this Kinky Wonderland Chain blog we Mistresses have produced is a fine example of our hearts and spirits that abide so abundantly in our Mistress realm. I think it proper to place the spotlight directly on Mz. Jizzy, the Sissy Claus. For a shining moment, she deserves so much sissy cheer this holiday season, and I will admit it I am quite proud of the Sissy servitude she has exhibited time and time again.

Here comes Sissy Claus!

Here comes Sissy Claus!

The consensus is in, and we Mistresses are incredibly thankful for you! Dearest Sissy Claus, you have out done yourself this year. You’ve been so busy and such a sharing and caring submissive Sissy all year long, I think it’s time we get you some DONG! My Sissy Claus, the time has come. Let’s go to your special place and get you some. So this year we won’t take it too slow. This year, my dear, we will go to the glory hole. (Cute, huh?)

Wrapping this post up with a serious note of gratitude. I would like to take the time to thank all of those who are special to the Mistresses at Vox Erotic. Without you, we wouldn’t be properly appreciated for the godddesses we truly are. Thank you for your kind hearts and generous spirits that you openly share with us every day of the year. The moments that you choose to show and enjoy with us are important and valued. We see your devotion and know that, with most certainty, we have the best callers anywhere out there.

xoxox Mistress Tabetha

The sissy fun continues, be sure to read Mistress Alyssa’s Kinky Wonderland Post here tomorrow!

*** If you are interested in having a sissy session with me, or would just like to chat, please feel free to email me here at, and I would be happy to assist you. 



Great News for Cuckolds


Hello, reader, and welcome back to my Mistress musings! If you’re reading this post,there’s a great deal of likelihood that my title quite possibly caught your cuckolding gaze for a moment, and lured you in here to get the inside scoop. This post is delivering nothing short of great news for cuckolds, and the cuckolding community. And dare I say it, a hidden, little known gem for your cuckie arsenal. Still interested? Then, of course, please keep on reading.

I’ve been speaking to many Cuckolds here at LDW for many years, and the number one pondering and/or desire I have heard from my callers is that they wish they could pinpoint when their hot wife was more likely to want primal sex with a different man and/or her lover, instead of just talking about it in the bedroom with you. The common thread of concern is usually timing. What are cuckolds to do when she wants to do this with another man, but she isn’t always in the mood to make that kink a reality.

Cuckolds rejoice, time is on your side.

Cuckolds rejoice, time is on your side.

Anyone who is familiar with the cuck lifestyle, and cuckolds in general, knows that the cuckolded man is quite used to being disappointed in his sex life, but when it comes to the woman he loves pleasure, that should never be one of those disappointments. All cuckolds want her satisfied, and to know when and how she wants it the most from her lover is utterly satisfying in return. To him, her pleasure is his pleasure, her satisfaction is his satisfaction.

Well, cuckolds, here’s some satisfaction we can all be pleased about. What if I told you that the woman in your life has a greater chance of “cheating” on you during a certain time of the month, and the timing is scientifically proven and predictable? What if you could actually ‘set up’ and or arrange a date for your wife and or girlfriend to have a wonderful encounter with a superior and studly lover? What if for the first time ever in your sex life you can actually up your chances of allowing this fantasy that you and her have (or just you) strongly desired for so long, FINALLY come to fruition?

Timing is everything to cuckolds.

Timing is everything to cuckolds.

I won’t tease you any longer, reader, and to be totally frank, the timing is somewhat obvious if you’re at all knowledgeable in the female reproductive system. If you haven’t guessed it yet, my cuckolded friend, a woman is most likely to cuckold her significant other when she is ovulating! Also known as when she is most attractive to the opposite sex, and yep, the most fertile too (oh my). And those masculine men can smell her coming a mile away, why some might even say she glows. Ohhh, yes, that’s right. Pheromones can be a cuckolds best friend.

Ponder and pine away for when she’s ready no longer dear cuckolds. The wise old adage of “when she’s ready she’ll tell you”, most certainly applies in this case too. When she’s ready to take on a proper lover, she will tell you with her mind, soul and even body. Isn’t the female body amazing? And if she isn’t giving you clues, the men chasing after her in droves will explain it all.

xoxox Tabetha

*** If you are a cuckold or just have cuckold fantasies, and would love to discuss the scientific nature cuckolding, please feel free to email me at, and I would be happy to schedule a session with you.





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