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Hot Wife Q & A

Well, Howdy reader,

And welcome back to my neck of the woods. With all the storms in my area, and me getting a nice ass-whoopin’ from a head cold. I thought I’d bounce back with a pretty badass blog post if I do say so myself. When callers call in or email me, they sometimes like to ask me to give my real thoughts on a fetish and not a “standard notion” about something that they may be interested in, or may not know much about or they might even be a high-level expert on this particular hankering and would love to understand more from my viewpoint as a Mistress.

The Hot Wife Get’s Any Cock She Wants

Today’s topic is a real response to a question I had from a call about the “Hot Wife” fetish. I would say it is certainly in the realm of the cuckolding fetish, but think of the old school song “Whatever Lola wants, Lola get’s”, and I think that would paint a clearer picture. With that being said, the “Hot Wife” craving isn’t just limited to just legally married wife scenario. If you have a gorgeous hot Wife, Fiance, or Girlfriend that seems to have a way of getting whatever she wants from you, because well… she’s fucking hot. Then hold on to your balls, and hand her the keys, because you’re going to like this one.

Below is my real response to a call:

I have many thoughts about the Hot Wife Fetish, but to be honest… I am super fond of it because it means wifey gets spoiled for sure. I find it to be on the cuckolding spectrum, but there are really many directions and facets you intertwine with the Hot Wife Fantasy. I enjoy talking about this fetish in general and have explored in great depth even the lasting psychology of the “hot wife” phenomena as you would call it. I could seriously go on and on in regards to even the lifestyle.

With that being said here are the things I don’t like. I’m not assuming any of these apply to you in the least, but I feel like you will get a better idea of who I am with this list.

1) Men who have a Hotwife and use her as a sexy meat shield. (ie they’re too shy to admit their own desires)
2) Men who want multiple men to aggressively fuck, and or sexually harm their beloved wife (If Hubby or Boyfy wants a gangbang, he should at least offer his lips to help)
3) Men who enjoy Light Bi encounters are awesome (but I don’t ever pressure anyone, we can go at your comfort, and desired pace), why else would you be open to sharing your hot wife with whomever she wants? But I don’t like guys who act like they’re not Bi-curious when I know they are.
4) Men who again only want to see they’re wife filled with cum and she’s not into it, men who are willing to watch other men use their wife for their own pleasure or cum fetish, and not for her pleasure just suck.
5) I can’t say this enough, I don’t like men who are down to have their beautiful wife get fucked rough, ¬†just because what their true agenda is about them being pleased, and not their wife or significant other having a good time. In my honest opinion, it’s just a way for them to be a little bitch. Honestly, who wuss’ out with their fantasies and uses their wife as a scapegoat? When in actuality what they really want to talk about is them getting down with a big cock, and they don’t have the stones to admit it to me or even themselves.

Whew, I wrote a book! I might have to post this response on my blog I like it so much. ūüėČ (I DID)

Bottom line, the Hotwife fetish to me is about all these men pleasing this hot ass sexy wife or girlfriend because they can’t help themselves. She’s a man-eater who picks and chooses, and they better walk the line, because again… she ‘s hot as hell. And that pussy is gold. HA!

Why would you ever tell your hot wife no?

***If you are interested in scheduling a session with me, you can email me at Perhaps you can be mine for a moment.


Take your whole world!

Mistress has awoken in an unusually icy cold mood! The warmth is just not here today.

Right at this very moment, I feel like picking up someone’s whole world and dropping it on top of their fucking head?! It’s amazing how one text message from your past can truly set your entire day in motion. I want nothing more than to be cruel and calloused to this inconsiderate prick. Just when I feel my empire begin to rise, this fucker, who wanted to come along this morning and remind me that he still exists. But does he really? Not in my world, not anymore. I am in need of “pin cushion” of sorts. Someone who doesn’t mind me taking out my pent up FemDom aggression.

I will break your world

I’m going to take your whole world and drop it on your fucking head….

I see nights full of pain for you, and your days will be the same
You keep the sunshine, save me the fucking rain- I hate to witness someone experience¬†undeserving pain, but what if your pain would bring me so much pleasure this time? What if I told you no, and never changed my mind? What if I didn’t give any single fucks not for you, not for anyone just this once? Usually, I’m hypersexual and I can cum this anger away, but sex isn’t going to do. Talking it away isn’t going to do. My words are my pride.

My confidence is a stain you can’t wipe off.- You won’t see me falter, like the Hulk I’m only getting stronger. Consuming your energy, owning you as if your very essence were dependant on me. You’re mine for the taking. I’m unstoppable, it’s incredible.

She Hulk Anyone?

I’m going to pick your whole world up and dop it on your fucking head…

I swear to God, I won’t spare the rod- I can’t help it when I get like this. There’s no stopping the power that I feel in these moments of total Female Domination. If you think that I’m not capable of taking your entire sexual world as you know it and dropping it on top of your fucking head, I have news for you.

***If you would like for me to take your whole world and drop it on top of your head, I would more than happy to oblige you. Email me at and I would be happy to set that up for you. 

Are you strong enough?

Well hello there,

Lovely “seeing” you here, taking a tiny peek into my Mistress ponderings. I’m sure this title tickled your fancy too. It maybe even made you wonder if this was more of a challenge than a question. You would be justly correct in thinking so, but if you know me, you know how I absolutely love to dabble in mind fuckery of epic proportions. Today’s post is brought to you by my favorite letters, N and O. That’s right, full blown tease and denial. I promise you, you won’t want to deny yourself the satisfaction of reading further.

I make the rules up as I go…

Cause you can’t change the way I am- And why would you? In your eyes I am perfect, you said so yourself. I tease, you edge, I cum, you get denied. Every chance I get, I’ll put your strength to the test.

I make the rules up as I go- It’s true, I live by the seat of my pants. Who needs a plan, when I am The Plan Sexy. It’s delicious how I decide where we go, and you’re perfectly fine with me controlling your cock until I’ve had my fill.

Are you strong enough to be my pet? 

Are you strong enough?

When you’re broken down, and you can’t stand- When I’ve edged and teased you so hard that your knees buckle and you beg to cum. It never fails, you’ll hear me say that word that drives you up the wall, and deeper down the rabbit hole, we go as I deny you more until your balls begin to ache and change colors with my mood.

Would you be man enough to be my Man?- You have to be man enough to withstand me. Seductive, headstrong, and nurturing. I’ll have you begging me to control your cock, just when you’ve surpassed your previous goal. You can bet your sweet ass that I will be applying that pressure, just to hear you in that beautiful agony that I put you in. Once that whimper escapes your lips, boom… I cum pleased with the knowledge that you can’t. Can you handle me?


***If you would like to accept this tease and denial challenge, you can email me to schedule an appointment today


Gone Fishin’

Seriously, that’s where I’m going!

I am about to embark on a fly-fishing trip (the first for me), and I shall return Wednesday night just in time to bait and hook your cocks. ūüėČ


Gone Fishin’!

Feel free to send me an email! I would love to hear from you while I am away on my trip, making memories and tan lines.


Who the fuck are YOU?!

I really wanna know! who are you? who, who, who, who?

Well hello, reader, and welcome to my blog. If it’s your first time perusing my Mistress ponderings; welcome. ¬†Today’s posting will most assuredly be an out loud pondering for your pressing eyes to feast upon. Understand that this post is also a question for yourself to¬†take in and create some ponderings of your own. Maybe we just might stir up a few questions that could turn your whole perspective around? Perhaps you could even look at this post as a pop quiz from me. I’m asking the question of questions here, just who the fuck are you….. sexually?

I really wanna know!

Most of my callers know how nosy I can be. Yeah sure, I’m all about discussing your desires, your kinks or even a role play. But what I really want to know is the When Why and the Who? (Yes pun intended) And wouldn’t you know it, I really really do wanna know. I want to share with you that absolute liberating feeling to come in for a session with me and go into our “own little world” together.

Well, who the fuck are YOU?!

Just who the fuck are you sexually? Have you figured yourself out? Have you known all along who you are, but just really can’t fully extract the “real you” from hiding. I would be lying if I said I too didn’t have those same questions and thoughts for myself. When faced with the notion of “to¬†thine own self-be¬†true”? Are we really being true to our own sexual selves? (And by no means am I encouraging sexual selfishness¬†when it comes to interacting with a partner.) What I’m pushing for in this post is an open mind to a journey of self-gratification, and feeling zero guilt when delving deeper into your own side of sexuality. You know, the thing we all like to do when getting a little “alone time”.

Self-exploration– Going where no man or woman (Really I’m just talking about you here) has gone before. Has there been a fantasy or kink that you’ve been itching to try, but just¬†aren’t quite sure exactly how you would feel about deviating from something you might already be¬†accustomed¬†to. Maybe you’ve hit a rut sexually with yourself, and you’d like to knock some dust off of that naughty brain of yours and try something new. Maybe you would even want to revisit an old fetish that you left in the proverbial closet? I’m sure you’ve heard that there isn’t anything wrong with dreaming of the possibilities of going into uncharted territories with your masturbation. But do you believe it? I assure you, it would be one hell of an erotic adventure!

Tell me who are you?!

For example, maybe you have topics that you or other partners would consider “off topic”, or even didn’t consider it an option until just recently. Perhaps a call with me would be a good time for you to take that moment for yourself, maybe we could open your¬†eyes, and therefore your true understanding of something deeper for you sexually (no pun intended), giving you the opportunity¬†to learn more about unlocking that curiosity and giving yourself the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s important to ME!

No matter what you do know or don’t know about yourself yet, I want you to know that I care about what you have to say. I want to hear all about it, what makes you so turned on that maybe you hold back just a little bit, in fear of what other people might think about what goes on in your head. Your thoughts, your hopes, wishes, and kinky dreams of self-exploration are what I would consider mind boner gold and the foundation of a really amazing sex life. Big or small, we can discuss it all! ūüėČ

***If you would like to schedule a call or Skype session with me, please feel free to send me an email about yourself to, and I would be happy to accommodate you. 

xoxox Tabby



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