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Who the fuck are YOU?!

I really wanna know! who are you? who, who, who, who?

Well hello, reader, and welcome to my blog. If it’s your first time perusing my Mistress ponderings; welcome.  Today’s posting will most assuredly be an out loud pondering for your pressing eyes to feast upon. Understand that this post is also a question for yourself to take in and create some ponderings of your own. Maybe we just might stir up a few questions that could turn your whole perspective around? Perhaps you could even look at this post as a pop quiz from me. I’m asking the question of questions here, just who the fuck are you….. sexually?

I really wanna know!

Most of my callers know how nosy I can be. Yeah sure, I’m all about discussing your desires, your kinks or even a role play. But what I really want to know is the When Why and the Who? (Yes pun intended) And wouldn’t you know it, I really really do wanna know. I want to share with you that absolute liberating feeling to come in for a session with me and go into our “own little world” together.

Well, who the fuck are YOU?!

Just who the fuck are you sexually? Have you figured yourself out? Have you known all along who you are, but just really can’t fully extract the “real you” from hiding. I would be lying if I said I too didn’t have those same questions and thoughts for myself. When faced with the notion of “to thine own self-be true”? Are we really being true to our own sexual selves? (And by no means am I encouraging sexual selfishness when it comes to interacting with a partner.) What I’m pushing for in this post is an open mind to a journey of self-gratification, and feeling zero guilt when delving deeper into your own side of sexuality. You know, the thing we all like to do when getting a little “alone time”.

Self-exploration– Going where no man or woman (Really I’m just talking about you here) has gone before. Has there been a fantasy or kink that you’ve been itching to try, but just aren’t quite sure exactly how you would feel about deviating from something you might already be accustomed to. Maybe you’ve hit a rut sexually with yourself, and you’d like to knock some dust off of that naughty brain of yours and try something new. Maybe you would even want to revisit an old fetish that you left in the proverbial closet? I’m sure you’ve heard that there isn’t anything wrong with dreaming of the possibilities of going into uncharted territories with your masturbation. But do you believe it? I assure you, it would be one hell of an erotic adventure!

Tell me who are you?!

For example, maybe you have topics that you or other partners would consider “off topic”, or even didn’t consider it an option until just recently. Perhaps a call with me would be a good time for you to take that moment for yourself, maybe we could open your eyes, and therefore your true understanding of something deeper for you sexually (no pun intended), giving you the opportunity to learn more about unlocking that curiosity and giving yourself the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s important to ME!

No matter what you do know or don’t know about yourself yet, I want you to know that I care about what you have to say. I want to hear all about it, what makes you so turned on that maybe you hold back just a little bit, in fear of what other people might think about what goes on in your head. Your thoughts, your hopes, wishes, and kinky dreams of self-exploration are what I would consider mind boner gold and the foundation of a really amazing sex life. Big or small, we can discuss it all! 😉

***If you would like to schedule a call or Skype session with me, please feel free to send me an email about yourself to, and I would be happy to accommodate you. 

xoxox Tabby



Damn it feels good to be a Mistress!

Damn it feels good to be a Mistress! So very very good indeed. 

Hello Reader, and welcome back to my Mistress musings. Wow, it’s 2017! We made it a whole month into the year 2017. How is this even possible?! For today’s blog post I though I’d just share a few thoughts, and give you a delayed hello there.How is your year going so far, and have you set and or planned your goals for yourself this year? I’m not much of a planner myself, however I do believe you must set up some sort of goal for yourself to attain. Be it masturbating for a whole twenty-four hours, or finally giving into the idea of chastity, you’ve got to set goals for yourself.

My 2017 is shaping up just nicely. I’ve already accomplished a great deal in the first month, and thought that I would share with you the good news I’ve been holding in for a almost six weeks now. I am well on my way to becoming an indoor cycle instructor! When I was having my health issues you last year, I fell back in love with working out and practicing for triathlons again. I found cycling and the rest was HER-story. I’ll be kicking puny butts in the saddle in more ways than one. I’ve been over the top excited to share the news with you, that I thought I would slip into something sexy and very Mistress like for you to feast your eyes and ears upon. I can’t wait to share with you on my progress, and I am looking forward to hearing on your progress as well. What are you goals in the new year? Are you looking to submit more to your Mistress?

I look forward to sharing what this new chapter with bring to my Mistress world. What type of influences maybe even small nuances will I pick up improving my Mistress craft more and more? I’ll say it again, it truly feels damn good to be a Mistress!

I would like to give a special shout out to Jizzy, Toy, and E. Thank you for your contribution to this special clip and post. 


Oh Sissy Tree

Hello Reader and happy holidays to you and yours. Hopefully you had a chance to read Mistress Alyssa’s Blog Post from yesterday here first. I thought it would be fun to pay an ode to sissies for today’s posting in part of our Holiday blog chain that we Mistresses like to do together during this time of year. It’s really a way that we get creative and let our spirits shine. Speaking of shining… nothing quite sparkles like a Sissy Tree for Christmas. Who needs any old Christmas tree when you have a loving and submissive real life Sissy to bring out the holiday spirit. So without further adieu, please enjoy my version of “Oh Sissy Tree” as sung to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree.

Oh Christmas Sissy!

Oh Christmas Sissy!

Oh Siss Tree, Oh Sissy Tree 
By Mistress Tabetha 

Oh Sissy Tree, Oh sissy tree,
 How lovely are your [thy] panties!
 In summer sun or winter snow,		
 What's under your dress you'll always show.

 Oh sissy Tree, Oh sissy tree,
 How fragrant are your dildos!
 When decked with hot wax once a year
 You fill our Mistress hearts with Yuletide cheer.

 Oh Sissy Tree, Oh sissy tree,
 You are the tree most loved!
 How often you give us Mistresses delight
 In burning ass smackin' sissy tree night!

 Oh sissy Tree, Oh sissy tree,
 Your Mistress' beauty will teach thee
 That my whip and strap on will ever be
 The way to joy and peace from me.
 Oh sissy Tree, Oh sissy Tree,
 Your cock hunger delight us.
 You're a slut when summer days are bright:
 You're a slut when winter snow is white.

 Oh sissy Tree, Oh sissy Tree,
 You give us Mistresses so much pleasure!
 How oft at Sexmas tide the sight,
 Oh horny sissy tree, gives us delight!

 Oh Sissy Tree, Oh sissy Tree
 Forever queer your colors.
 Your cheeks so pink in summertime
 Stay bravely red in wintertime.

 Oh sissy Tree, Oh sissy Tree
 You fill my heart with Mistress pride.
 Reminding me on Sexmas Day
 To think of you who's more than gay.
 Oh sissy  tree, Oh sissy tree,
 Thy love for BBC is so unchanging.
 Not only BBC you'll suck brown or pink
 But only giant dicks and not shorts dinks,

 Oh sissy Tree! Oh sissy Tree!
 Much pleasure thou can'st give me
 How often has the sissy tree
 Afforded me the greatest glee!

 Oh sissy Tree! Oh sissy Tree!
 Thy pussy eating skills shines so brightly!
 From ass to mouth, gay and tight
 There's only splendor for this cock sucking sight

 Oh sissy Tree! Oh sissy Tree!
 How perfectly Mistress has spanked thee!
 Thou bidst us true and faithful be
 And trust in Mistress unquestioningly

 Oh sissy tree, Oh sissy tree,
 You fill all Mistress hearts with gaiety.
 On Sexmas Day you stand so tall,
 Affording joy to Mistress and all.

XOXOXO Mistress Tabetha 

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Birthday Suit!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I spent most of it in my birthday suit, or at least lingerie clad birthday suit for that matter. If you’re at all interested in half naked ole me then of course I implore you to please keep reading.


Hello Reader, and thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and see what I have been up to for my birthday. If you’re reading this post I am sure my blog titled “Birthday Suit” caught your eye, and yes even your attention. Just for admitting to the fact that you’re a horny perv just proves that you’ve already passed the test and won a prize.  Also I would like to add that your taste in ladies is superb and I admire your desire for a quick peek at my naughty photos. 😉


A little known fact about me, I enjoy and often do plan parties for my loved ones, but have yet to have a really big and over the top birthday bash just for myself… or at least until this weekend. All weekend was a huge celebration in my honor. We celebrated my party in town at an awesome reggae and Caribbean bar, and practically had the entire Hookah area and lounge to ourselves. I wore a tight and fitted bodycon tan dress, with my favorite ruby red heels (purchased from my wishlist from a friend) and looked like a million bucks. But the best part about the entire outfit was what I had on underneath.Just check it out for yourself….

Nothing but Chanel no.5 and this sexy piece of lingerie. Don’t ya just wish you were at my party with me and twenty plus of my closest friends?!

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!

I hope you were prepared for that little gift from me to you. Speaking of gifts! I have a great opportunity for you to give me the orgasm gift that keeps on giving, and a chance for you to win a free orgasm giver for yourself as well. Stay tuned for further details. I promise you won’t want to miss out on a chance for some interactive play with me. Let the good times roll baby!

xoxox Tabetha

***If you would like to hear more about my birthday, and the naughty things I have on my mind, please message me at and I would be happy to schedule a session with you.

Tempted by Tabetha

Have you ever been tempted by the fruit of another? When I ask you if you have ever been tempted by the fruit of another, I am asking you about your fidelity. Have you ever fantasized about being unfaithful to your lover or significant other before? Have you actually given in to that temptation of “cheating” and allowed lust and desire to override your rationale? I know it’s a taboo subject, that’s why I asked. Aren’t we all just a bit taboo around here?

Are you easily tempted?

Are you easily tempted?

Here’s a confession, I have been tempted and I have given in to that juicy and yes tempting fruit of “cheating”. GASP! Shock and awe!! I know… I know. Not such a shocker there I am quite sure, but sometimes it’s nice to know that you aren’t alone when it comes to being tempted by other lovers. Often cheating is associated with weakness, and to that fact I would have to agree, but I’d also like to chalk it up to human nature. While we humans do have the ability to be monogamous, many believe it’s just not in our genetic coding to have just one lover. However, there are quite a few people who are incredibly loyal and only desire to live a monogamous lifestyle. Some of those loyal monogamous people have to struggle with their urges, and thus must seek out more permanent solution.

What type of permanent solution am I alluding to here? Well the chastity device type of solution of course. In regards to being tempted, I always find chastity to be the best solution with a wandering dick. Sure, there are a plethora of people who do just fine with denial and rubbing one out when needed. But I have found that there’s something to be said about a loyal subject submitting to chastity. Willingly giving up your sexual control, and complying when I lock up your favorite appendage to guarantee that you will be avoiding any and all temptation to masturbate.

If you're tempted to try

If you’re tempted to try

Loyalty is a beautiful quality, but I am human. I am fallible. I am capable of giving into greed, and therefore giving into my wants over my needs. This is why I fully believe in locking you up, because I understand how hard it can be for you to keep on course, and it’s also why I am taking away your say so. I was once someone who gave in to temptation with others, who better than I to instruct you with a lock and key.

There’s really no need for you to thank me for keeping you away from your dalliances, just hearing your voice tremble when you’re locked away is thanks enough. I think in time you’ll agree with me that there is something truly freeing by staying loyal and away from your unfaithful wants and desires. By not giving in to the temptation no matter how good you know it will feel. I promise you… that lock of the chastity device on your cock and balls will bring you way more satisfaction than that “pump and dump” you were planning on fucking behind your lover’s back. Because once you hear that chastity device lock into place, you’ll know that you were for once being honest with all parties involved when it comes to your love life. No more fucking around and being tempted by behind anyone’s back. The day you will get locked up for good is the day when you turn your back on the wrong type of temptation that you’ve been entertaining. Nope, from then on I will have control of your temptations.

Are you tempted to find out more? I dare you to call me and find all about chastity! 

Quickie Sessions!

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Short on time? Have a quickie! 😀

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Rock you like a Hurricane!

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Sissy Claus, A Kinky Wonderland Story

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