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Blogging Does The Body Good!

Or… is that milk does the body good?! 😉


Hello loyal readers, and welcome!

Thank YOU, for taking the time to click on my profile, and read through my blogs.  You must forgive my hiatus from blogging.  If you happen to be a creative personality, like myself, then I’m sure you will understand what . . . → Read More: Blogging Does The Body Good!

Unselfish lovers and real orgasms

It’s so wonderful to see ANYTHING in this world we live in with selfLESS actions. I mean, the vast majority of lovers (guys and girls) have one thing in mind: pleasing themselves. Sex in nature happens to be somewhat of a selfish act.

It’s almost as if the guy has to be enlightened to . . . → Read More: Unselfish lovers and real orgasms

Tabetha loves giving spankings

That “slapping” sound is undeniable. As soon as you hear that sexually-charged spanking, most people immediately think about how they either LOVE to get spanked or they are immersed in the attraction of being the spanker. Power and mercy is all in the wrist you naughty boss man…do it right before I administer some . . . → Read More: Tabetha loves giving spankings

Tabetha’s introduction…

Hi guys! My name is Tabetha and at this very second I’m tapping away at my Blackberry, scribing this blog, as I’m waiting for a massage! It shall rule! My chances of getting a pretty brunette with big hands are pretty good…;) Wish me luck! I love hedonism in any possible way-and an hour . . . → Read More: Tabetha’s introduction…