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Are you strong enough?

Well hello there,

Lovely “seeing” you here, taking a tiny peek into my Mistress ponderings. I’m sure this title tickled your fancy too. It maybe even made you wonder if this was more of a challenge than a question. You would be justly correct in thinking so, but if you know me, you know . . . → Read More: Are you strong enough?

Tempted by Tabetha

Have you ever been tempted by the fruit of another? When I ask you if you have ever been tempted by the fruit of another, I am asking you about your fidelity. Have you ever fantasized about being unfaithful to your lover or significant other before? Have you actually given in to that temptation . . . → Read More: Tempted by Tabetha

Mistress Always Cums

Hello Reader, and welcome back to my Mistress world. Today’s post is a favorite, and might I add all important topic. MY ORGASM’S!!! And I plan on sharing with you my Mistress Philosophy of “Mistress Always cum’s”. If you’re interested into that type of filth, keep on reading.

Mistress Always Cums

It should . . . → Read More: Mistress Always Cums

A Tug and a Tease

Hello Reader,

And many happy returns to my blog. Today’s post sort of speaks for itself. A Tug and a Tease… a simple yet effective cock control (Jerk off instruction) method. That has been known to bring a man to his knees, and beg me for more just a tug while I tease. Sometimes . . . → Read More: A Tug and a Tease

The Cum Purse Bandit

So you want to cum in my purse?

I have this neighbor down my street who has a beautiful wife of whom he has been married to for many faithful years. For his sake, we’ll call him “Dick”. Dick loves to buy his wife fancy things, and lavish her with nice gifts, such . . . → Read More: The Cum Purse Bandit

Jingle Balls (Tease and Denial)

Hello Readers,

And thank you for swooping over to my blog.

This blog post is a special Holiday theme blog, taking part in the delightful Mistress Kay Marie’s “Kinky Wonderland”┬áseries. Please take a look at her blog, and give her a Holiday jingle!! She managed to organize a few of us Mistress’ here, so . . . → Read More: Jingle Balls (Tease and Denial)

King Kong Dong! (chastity)

Hello Reader,

Coming at ya with another special post this Sunday evening. This post is about chastity!

Some of you might not know much about chastity, some of you may have never even thought about it until now. But yes having a woman lock your dick up in a cage is a fetish. And a . . . → Read More: King Kong Dong! (chastity)

Masturbation to the edge of ecstasy

One of the most fun sexual escapades that I have ever been able to partake in, started out as a way for my handsy boyfriend in college to save his gushing man-goo for me, later that night. I had caught him so many times masturbating all day and spending his sweet load on basically . . . → Read More: Masturbation to the edge of ecstasy