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Oh Sissy Tree

Hello Reader and happy holidays to you and yours. Hopefully you had a chance to read Mistress Alyssa’s Blog Post from yesterday here first. I thought it would be fun to pay an ode to sissies for today’s posting in part of our Holiday blog chain that we Mistresses like to do together during this time of year. It’s really a way that we get creative and let our spirits shine. Speaking of shining… nothing quite sparkles like a Sissy Tree for Christmas. Who needs any old Christmas tree when you have a loving and submissive real life Sissy to bring out the holiday spirit. So without further adieu, please enjoy my version of “Oh Sissy Tree” as sung to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree.

Oh Christmas Sissy!

Oh Christmas Sissy!

Oh Siss Tree, Oh Sissy Tree 
By Mistress Tabetha 

Oh Sissy Tree, Oh sissy tree,
 How lovely are your [thy] panties!
 In summer sun or winter snow,		
 What's under your dress you'll always show.

 Oh sissy Tree, Oh sissy tree,
 How fragrant are your dildos!
 When decked with hot wax once a year
 You fill our Mistress hearts with Yuletide cheer.

 Oh Sissy Tree, Oh sissy tree,
 You are the tree most loved!
 How often you give us Mistresses delight
 In burning ass smackin' sissy tree night!

 Oh sissy Tree, Oh sissy tree,
 Your Mistress' beauty will teach thee
 That my whip and strap on will ever be
 The way to joy and peace from me.
 Oh sissy Tree, Oh sissy Tree,
 Your cock hunger delight us.
 You're a slut when summer days are bright:
 You're a slut when winter snow is white.

 Oh sissy Tree, Oh sissy Tree,
 You give us Mistresses so much pleasure!
 How oft at Sexmas tide the sight,
 Oh horny sissy tree, gives us delight!

 Oh Sissy Tree, Oh sissy Tree
 Forever queer your colors.
 Your cheeks so pink in summertime
 Stay bravely red in wintertime.

 Oh sissy Tree, Oh sissy Tree
 You fill my heart with Mistress pride.
 Reminding me on Sexmas Day
 To think of you who's more than gay.
 Oh sissy  tree, Oh sissy tree,
 Thy love for BBC is so unchanging.
 Not only BBC you'll suck brown or pink
 But only giant dicks and not shorts dinks,

 Oh sissy Tree! Oh sissy Tree!
 Much pleasure thou can'st give me
 How often has the sissy tree
 Afforded me the greatest glee!

 Oh sissy Tree! Oh sissy Tree!
 Thy pussy eating skills shines so brightly!
 From ass to mouth, gay and tight
 There's only splendor for this cock sucking sight

 Oh sissy Tree! Oh sissy Tree!
 How perfectly Mistress has spanked thee!
 Thou bidst us true and faithful be
 And trust in Mistress unquestioningly

 Oh sissy tree, Oh sissy tree,
 You fill all Mistress hearts with gaiety.
 On Sexmas Day you stand so tall,
 Affording joy to Mistress and all.

XOXOXO Mistress Tabetha 

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1 comment to Oh Sissy Tree

  • Mistress Sierra

    Ms. Tabetha – you are so wickedly creative and fun! I just loved this post and I loved your wonderful rendition of Oh Sissy Tree! I can just hear some of my sissies all dressed up in a sparkling holiday dress singing this song for me! In fact, I think I might have them do just that! Maybe I can get both of us on the phone so we can listen to the caroling together 🙂 Happy Holidays sexy!

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