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The Thrill of Getting Caught!

To some the thought of getting caught while masturbating conjures up the scene from the film ‘Grandma’s Boy’ when Alex get’s caught by his friends mother/roommate jerking it to a Laura Croft action figure. Alex couldn’t sleep, so something had to be done. His friends mother walk’s in on him during mid climax causing him to yell out . . . → Read More: The Thrill of Getting Caught!

Smokey Lipstick

Smoking Fetish??!! Certainly!

Some of the most amazingly enchanting conversations that I get to indulge in happens to be when a gentleman has a particularly dedicated fascination with all sexual encounters involving smoke and it’s sexy little ringlets, dancing and transforming at just the very speed of intoxicating tempo, caressing life’s most precious parts. . . . → Read More: Smokey Lipstick

GASP….Sexy Big Bird?!

Well hello boys and gals, lovers of all things Tabetha! I needed to come in and give my love to the faithful… as well as direction. I know some pets have been terribly lost without me.

Where’s Tabetha man?!

I just returned from another burlesque troupe tour. As of now; we have become . . . → Read More: GASP….Sexy Big Bird?!