Therapy, it’s that soothing release you need you just might not know it yet….Phone sex therapy it’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Sure it is. And I’m here to break it all down for you. If you’re at all interested in a soothing therapy session, I implore you to keep reading.

Today’s Blog Title Says It All-

I make it a habit of not putting too much of myself out on this blog because I truly do believe that every single person that I interact with at LDW is different and unique and a blog posting just doesn’t serve what I do with enough justice. I’m sure that that can be a very frustrating thing for some callers just wanting to get a glimpse of how I like my sex therapy sessions to operate during our time together.

Therapy is just a click or call away

My sessions are like therapy-

“And how does that make you feel” is an honest and genuine question that you will most certainly hear me utter when we speak. Why would I ask you such a question? Because I want to know everything about your kinks. I want to connect with you, and I want to understand the feelings and emotions that you keep locked inside just hoping for a release. It’s sexual healing of sorts to be able to tell a strong and intelligent woman how you feel, and not be judged for it. Our time together is something good that you can do for yourself. You deserve an outlet of self-expression.

This is a safe place-

I know it’s lame to use such terminology in a world that overly uses such notions, but it’s true. When you’re with me, I will allow you that freedom to just spill out everything that you’ve always wanted to say and or discuss the deepest depths of your emotions. You’re safe, come share. Come heal.

-Your Mistress In All Things

***If you feel like a sex therapy session is exactly what the Doctor ordered, you can schedule a call by emailing me at, and I would be happy to set that up with you.

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