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Tempted by Tabetha

Have you ever been tempted by the fruit of another? When I ask you if you have ever been tempted by the fruit of another, I am asking you about your fidelity. Have you ever fantasized about being unfaithful to your lover or significant other before? Have you actually given in to that temptation of “cheating” and allowed lust and desire to override your rationale? I know it’s a taboo subject, that’s why I asked. Aren’t we all just a bit taboo around here?

Are you easily tempted?

Are you easily tempted?

Here’s a confession, I have been tempted and I have given in to that juicy and yes tempting fruit of “cheating”. GASP! Shock and awe!! I know… I know. Not such a shocker there I am quite sure, but sometimes it’s nice to know that you aren’t alone when it comes to being tempted by other lovers. Often cheating is associated with weakness, and to that fact I would have to agree, but I’d also like to chalk it up to human nature. While we humans do have the ability to be monogamous, many believe it’s just not in our genetic coding to have just one lover. However, there are quite a few people who are incredibly loyal and only desire to live a monogamous¬†lifestyle. Some of those loyal monogamous people have to struggle with their urges, and thus must seek out more permanent solution.

What type of permanent solution am I alluding to here? Well the chastity device type of solution of course. In regards to being tempted, I always find chastity to be the best solution with a wandering dick. Sure, there are a plethora of people who do just fine with denial and rubbing one out when needed. But I have found that there’s something to be said about a loyal subject submitting to chastity. Willingly giving up your sexual control, and complying when I lock up your favorite appendage to guarantee that you will be avoiding any and all temptation to masturbate.

If you're tempted to try

If you’re tempted to try

Loyalty is a beautiful quality, but I am human. I am fallible. I am capable of giving into greed, and therefore giving into my wants over my needs. This is why I fully believe in locking you up, because I understand how hard it can be for you to keep on course, and it’s also why I am taking away your say so. I was once someone who gave in to temptation with others, who better than I to instruct you with a lock and key.

There’s really no need for you to thank me for keeping you away from your dalliances, just hearing your voice tremble when you’re locked away is thanks enough. I think in time you’ll agree with me that there is something truly freeing by staying loyal and away from your unfaithful wants and desires. By not giving in to the temptation no matter how good you know it will feel. I promise you… that lock of the chastity device on your cock and balls will bring you way more satisfaction than that “pump and dump” you were planning on fucking behind your lover’s back. Because once you hear that chastity device lock into place, you’ll know that you were for once being honest with all parties involved when it comes to your love life. No more fucking around and being tempted by behind anyone’s back. The day you will get locked up for good is the day when you turn your back on the wrong type of temptation that you’ve been entertaining. Nope, from then on I will have control of your temptations.

Are you tempted to find out more? I dare you to call me and find all about chastity! 

7 comments to Tempted by Tabetha

  • piercedjohn

    Tempted omg I’m tempted

  • peterteasetoy

    I’m always tempted by you Miss Tabetha, *squirm* you are very alluring! *adjusts erection*

    N.B. – I have to inform you that this is one of a series of Mistress blog comments I’m having to make, in order to earn a release.

  • Ron

    With those nylon legs of course I’m tempted

  • Ms. Tabitha, I love your concept of a permanent solution to temptation. Chastity, while not for everyone, is one of those secret pleasures that has it’s own rewards and that can only be known to those who have experienced the click of the lock on their cock, lol! As you so rightly point out: there is something truly freeing by staying loyal and away from your unfaithful wants and desires.

    xo Mistress Audrey

  • I’m a monogamist Myself (if you don’t count the playmates I engage here *giggle*), but sexual satisfaction is very important to Me, and I can’t be sure I’d be a monogamist under duress, like a partner who’d “lost that loving feeling” and was no longer willing, or able, to satisfy My needs.

    You’re so right though, Miss Tabetha–fidelity and loyalty are valuable all on their own, regardless of the state of one’s current sex life. And We Mistresses here at LDW know that sometimes it’s not even a matter of sex not being made available to a man as frequently as he’d like–some are just greedy! For those reasons, chastity is an excellent solution!

  • Mistress Sierra

    I’m sure this will be a BIG surprise…but I have also been tempted and have strayed from the arms of a lover (or two). It is so true that being disloyal is part of human nature, but I have found in my experience that women tend to have so much more control over their base sexual desires than men. And, so, chastity is such a simple and effective solution for this problem, as you so eloquently pointed out. I am sure that there are many men who have you to thank for locking up their wandering dicks!

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