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Take your whole world!

Mistress has awoken in an unusually icy cold mood! The warmth is just not here today.

Right at this very moment, I feel like picking up someone’s whole world and dropping it on top of their fucking head?! It’s amazing how one text message from your past can truly set your entire day in motion. I want nothing more than to be cruel and calloused to this inconsiderate prick. Just when I feel my empire begin to rise, this fucker, who wanted to come along this morning and remind me that he still exists. But does he really? Not in my world, not anymore. I am in need of “pin cushion” of sorts. Someone who doesn’t mind me taking out my pent up FemDom aggression.

I will break your world

I’m going to take your whole world and drop it on your fucking head….

I see nights full of pain for you, and your days will be the same
You keep the sunshine, save me the fucking rain- I hate to witness someone experience¬†undeserving pain, but what if your pain would bring me so much pleasure this time? What if I told you no, and never changed my mind? What if I didn’t give any single fucks not for you, not for anyone just this once? Usually, I’m hypersexual and I can cum this anger away, but sex isn’t going to do. Talking it away isn’t going to do. My words are my pride.

My confidence is a stain you can’t wipe off.- You won’t see me falter, like the Hulk I’m only getting stronger. Consuming your energy, owning you as if your very essence were dependant on me. You’re mine for the taking. I’m unstoppable, it’s incredible.

She Hulk Anyone?

I’m going to pick your whole world up and dop it on your fucking head…

I swear to God, I won’t spare the rod- I can’t help it when I get like this. There’s no stopping the power that I feel in these moments of total Female Domination. If you think that I’m not capable of taking your entire sexual world as you know it and dropping it on top of your fucking head, I have news for you.

***If you would like for me to take your whole world and drop it on top of your head, I would more than happy to oblige you. Email me at and I would be happy to set that up for you. 

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