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Fun with female cuckolds

In the past few years, I have had this increasing desire to find a hot couple, get to know the girl really well, and then somehow-JUST SOMEHOW-I want to find a way to introducing ME fucking her husband while she watches and ONLY gets to play with herself. I’m sure it’s going to take . . . → Read More: Fun with female cuckolds

Miss Tabetha’s secret foot fetish

My first encounter with the not-so-subtle beauty of my own feet, and other beautiful girlfriends of mine with cute toes and arches, was marked by an increasingly intense study and appreciation of the curves, drops and power of a sensuous pair of walkers.

“The boots were made for walkin’…and that’s just what they’ll do…these . . . → Read More: Miss Tabetha’s secret foot fetish

Planet of the Gorgeous Giantess

If you partake in reading my blog (or you are fan of phenomenal phone sex) you read last time that I love having long-long legs and the power and impact they have. The total satisfaction of strutting in stilettos past ex-boyfriends and their jealous wives doesn’t hurt either…

Well, those long legs make for . . . → Read More: Planet of the Gorgeous Giantess