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I Love to share, guest blog with Mistress Harper

I love to share with my fellow Mistresses.

I know, that seems so trite, doesn’t it. Of course I love to share, I’m well socialized and have manners. But, really, truly, honestly, I love getting to tag team a willing submissive with as many bad ass females as we can get lined up. There’s . . . → Read More: I Love to share, guest blog with Mistress Harper

Three is not a crowd

Hello Reader, and many happy returns to my blog. ┬áIn Today’s post I will be explaining why three is NOT a crowd, in a threeway. Let’s enjoy together, the wonders of the ever magical threesome!

Three is NOT a Crowd

I love 101 intimate sex with a close intimate lover, but when I . . . → Read More: Three is not a crowd

Pass The Penis

Hello Reader, check out my blog title… pretty neat huh? Did you know that we offer a “Pass The Penis” option here at LDW? If you’d like to find out how you Mr. (or Ms.) Horny Reader could be passed around, then of course please keep reading.

Pass The Penis, because we love . . . → Read More: Pass The Penis