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The sensual nature of humiliation

As a Phone Sextress, I am constantly seeing the blurred lines between reality and what SHOULD be reality with my most intimate of friends during a call. Oftentimes, I am bombarded with the most interesting and attractive guys that seem to have it all. They have gorgeous women falling all over themselves, money, power . . . → Read More: The sensual nature of humiliation

When naughty boys need a swift spanking

The surprise and heat that a male play-thing feels on his tight, muscular bottom when I swiftly smack his tight ass, is clearly visible on the pet’s face and is strikingly breathtaking. His face communicates the agony and ecstasy of a properly pink-and then red ass cheeks as he grimaces and asks for “faster, . . . → Read More: When naughty boys need a swift spanking

Captive boy toy

Welcome to hell…Captivity Hell that is. Where none of your dreams will come true. Unless your dream is to have your life and cock ran, by yours truly. Allow me to introduce myself: I am The Devil in the Blue Dress. I’m sure that you have heard of me before, or maybe you were . . . → Read More: Captive boy toy