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Ass Kissing Under the Mistletoe?

Hello there, reader, and welcome back to my Mistress musings. This post brings you some special holiday cheer in the form of one of my very favorite things, Ass Worship. Oh yeah, and just a hint of lipstick for leaving that perfect hint of color behind. If you’re a fan of lipstick¬†and/or ass kissing, . . . → Read More: Ass Kissing Under the Mistletoe?

Oral lovers Smoking Fetish Delight

Hello Reader,

Here’s a blog about the little known, yet oh sooo sexy Smoking fetish. Never thought of smoking as a taboo fetish? Well then you just don’t know until you see that small forbidden stick in between my teeth. ūüėČ


Puff, puff….give?

The simple act of a deep, relaxing inhalation from a . . . → Read More: Oral lovers Smoking Fetish Delight

Smokey Lipstick

Smoking Fetish??!! Certainly!

Some of the most amazingly enchanting conversations that I get to indulge in happens to be when a gentleman has a particularly dedicated fascination with all sexual encounters involving smoke and it’s sexy little ringlets, dancing and transforming at just the very speed of intoxicating tempo, caressing life’s most precious parts. . . . → Read More: Smokey Lipstick

GASP….Sexy Big Bird?!

Well hello boys and gals, lovers of all things Tabetha! I needed to come in and give my love to the faithful… as well as direction. I know some pets have been terribly lost without me.

Where’s Tabetha man?!

I just returned from another burlesque troupe tour. As of now; we have become . . . → Read More: GASP….Sexy Big Bird?!

Tabetha is back boys…

Having been a rare site as of late, I have finally been able to move into a normal schedule after traveling with a burlesque troop where a quality¬†land-line¬†wasn‚Äôt always available. Alas! I have my trusty black phone where static and dropped calls are suddenly forgotten and the subtle realization that technology sometimes sucks is . . . → Read More: Tabetha is back boys…