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Great News for Cuckolds

Hello, reader, and welcome back to my Mistress musings! If you’re reading this post,there’s a great deal of likelihood that my title quite possibly caught your cuckolding gaze for a moment, and lured you in here to get the inside scoop. This post is delivering nothing short of great news for cuckolds, and . . . → Read More: Great News for Cuckolds

Would you be my Cuckold?

Hello Reader,¬†And many happy returns to my Mistress corner. Today’s blog post happens to be about one of my FAVORITE fetishes to do with callers. Yep cuckolding! I think I am long over due for a cuckolding post, so I thought I would be gracious and share with you.

My Cuckold . . . → Read More: Would you be my Cuckold?

My Bull


I must start that it has been too long since I’ve sat down to blog! I’ve just been go go go all spring and summer with performances, that I have neglected to make a naughty lil’ update, on my naughty lil’ life.

If you’re a new reader to my blog, welcome and please . . . → Read More: My Bull