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Take your whole world!

Mistress has awoken in an unusually icy cold mood! The warmth is just not here today.

Right at this very moment, I feel like picking up someone’s whole world and dropping it on top of their fucking head?! It’s amazing how one text message from your past can truly set your entire day in . . . → Read More: Take your whole world!

The Amazon Position


Hello there reader,

And thank you for making your wandering eyes back to my Mistress Musings. Today’s post is all about the wonder that is the Amazon Position!!! Have you ever heard of it before? It gives a totally new meaning to “woman on top”. This sexual position is mind blowing, . . . → Read More: The Amazon Position

Two Mistress Calls with Mistress Christine!

Hello Readers,

Happy Holidays to you all! I hope this post finds you well, or at least on the mend. this year is ending well for me, and I only look forward to 2015 each day.

Today’s post is sort of an ode to the wonderful Miss Christine. If you haven’t had a text . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Calls with Mistress Christine!

Get naked for us! Girls night out… (CFNM)

Hello Reader,

We meet again reader, and welcome back… my dirty mind has just been dying to share my latest “girls night out” with little ol’ you.

Many times I get callers asking if I could have my way with them, what would I do? “There are no limits Tabetha, I just want to . . . → Read More: Get naked for us! Girls night out… (CFNM)

Fun with female cuckolds

In the past few years, I have had this increasing desire to find a hot couple, get to know the girl really well, and then somehow-JUST SOMEHOW-I want to find a way to introducing ME fucking her husband while she watches and ONLY gets to play with herself. I’m sure it’s going to take . . . → Read More: Fun with female cuckolds

Dominating alpha males on the phone

My favorite thing in the world has got to be when I receive a phone sex session from a supposedly overly dominating man, or whom is more often referred to as an “alpha male”. He generally IS a strong person, smothering every foe and situation with his will and ultimate desired outcome. He views . . . → Read More: Dominating alpha males on the phone

Submissive little housewife until she met Tabetha

Even though I am well-versed in most things sexual, exciting and completely satiating I still have a totally “normal” life most of the time. At least I thought this as I was heading to the grocery store after a quick sweat at the gym…boy, was I wrong!

I was perusing some scrumptious, organic veggie . . . → Read More: Submissive little housewife until she met Tabetha

The sensual power of a chastity belt

You know, it seems as if boys have all the fun with metal and all things “manly” and obtrusive. But, for once, us ladies have the joy of working with our hands and handling keys and locks and shiny metal objects! The overwhelming satisfaction of being able to grab a big, ornamental metal key . . . → Read More: The sensual power of a chastity belt

Tabetha loves giving spankings

That “slapping” sound is undeniable. As soon as you hear that sexually-charged spanking, most people immediately think about how they either LOVE to get spanked or they are immersed in the attraction of being the spanker. Power and mercy is all in the wrist you naughty boss man…do it right before I administer some . . . → Read More: Tabetha loves giving spankings