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Hot Wife Q & A

Well, Howdy reader,

And welcome back to my neck of the woods. With all the storms in my area, and me getting a nice ass-whoopin’ from a head cold. I thought I’d bounce back with a pretty badass blog post if I do say so myself. When callers call in or email me, they . . . → Read More: Hot Wife Q & A

Would you be my Cuckold?

Hello Reader, And many happy returns to my Mistress corner. Today’s blog post happens to be about one of my FAVORITE fetishes to do with callers. Yep cuckolding! I think I am long over due for a cuckolding post, so I thought I would be gracious and share with you.

My Cuckold . . . → Read More: Would you be my Cuckold?

Breaking up

Hello Reader,

And welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is a personal post, so I do hope that you take the time to read my thoughts.

As many of my long term callers know me, they know about my BBC named Tyson (Tye). It’s with a heavy heart that today I announce something . . . → Read More: Breaking up

Two Mistress Call with Lilly and My Big Cock

Hello there reader,

Happy to see that you’ve landed back on my sweet blog. And for that… you shall reap a very special reward. A blog entry from none other than my Black Cock himself. This is his perspective to a two Mistress call with Me, and the delicious Lilly. Here is the FIRST . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Call with Lilly and My Big Cock

My Bull Part II Q&A

Hello reader, great to see you back!

Yesterday I had a Q&A session with my Bull Tyson “Tye”. I think you’ll enjoy this, because we cover a wide array of topics. Enjoy!

XOXOX Tabby & Tye


1) Tabetha: What did you first notice about me?

. . . → Read More: My Bull Part II Q&A

Mr. Tiny (Small Penis Humiliation)

Hello Reader, And thank you for your return to my blog. Today’s post is about the tiniest penis, I ever saw…..

In the past I have made reference to my honesty during calls, or text sessions. This is because I feel in society, honesty has become something risque. We are now in a world where . . . → Read More: Mr. Tiny (Small Penis Humiliation)

My Cuckold

Hello there,

in my last blog post I talked a little bit about my hot bull, and introduced you to our beginning. But with great beginning’s, there is a “before”. Before Tye I was an entirely different woman. I was devoted, naive and had zero clue about orgasm’s. Behind every good cuckoldress, is a little . . . → Read More: My Cuckold

My Bull


I must start that it has been too long since I’ve sat down to blog! I’ve just been go go go all spring and summer with performances, that I have neglected to make a naughty lil’ update, on my naughty lil’ life.

If you’re a new reader to my blog, welcome and please . . . → Read More: My Bull

Blogging Does The Body Good!

Or… is that milk does the body good?! 😉


Hello loyal readers, and welcome!

Thank YOU, for taking the time to click on my profile, and read through my blogs.  You must forgive my hiatus from blogging.  If you happen to be a creative personality, like myself, then I’m sure you will understand what . . . → Read More: Blogging Does The Body Good!