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Blogging Does The Body Good!

Or… is that milk does the body good?! 😉


Hello loyal readers, and welcome!

Thank YOU, for taking the time to click on my profile, and read through my blogs.  You must forgive my hiatus from blogging.  If you happen to be a creative personality, like myself, then I’m sure you will understand what . . . → Read More: Blogging Does The Body Good!

Smokey Lipstick

Smoking Fetish??!! Certainly!

Some of the most amazingly enchanting conversations that I get to indulge in happens to be when a gentleman has a particularly dedicated fascination with all sexual encounters involving smoke and it’s sexy little ringlets, dancing and transforming at just the very speed of intoxicating tempo, caressing life’s most precious parts. . . . → Read More: Smokey Lipstick

Oral servants that love the taste

By far the most intriguing and erotic phone sex therapy sessions that I receive undoubtedly have to do with the fascination and sometimes obsession, of my most manly guys that want to suck a cock for the first time or even taste the creamy nectar that they worked so hard for. It seems the . . . → Read More: Oral servants that love the taste