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Come party with me!!

Hello there reader, and welcome back to my Mistress corner. And as always thank you for reading. Today I was reflecting on the coming fall and the changes of the season. Summer is officially over, and back to reality. Little ittsy bitsy bikini’s will soon be swapped out for sweaters and thigh . . . → Read More: Come party with me!!

GASP….Sexy Big Bird?!

Well hello boys and gals, lovers of all things Tabetha! I needed to come in and give my love to the faithful… as well as direction. I know some pets have been terribly lost without me.

Where’s Tabetha man?!

I just returned from another burlesque troupe tour. As of now; we have become . . . → Read More: GASP….Sexy Big Bird?!

Tabetha is back boys…

Having been a rare site as of late, I have finally been able to move into a normal schedule after traveling with a burlesque troop where a quality land-line wasn’t always available. Alas! I have my trusty black phone where static and dropped calls are suddenly forgotten and the subtle realization that technology sometimes sucks is . . . → Read More: Tabetha is back boys…