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So you Have PMS?

Hello There Reader,
And welcome back. Intrigued by my blog title? Sure you are! I am willing to bet that you’re anxiously wondering if this post applies to you at all, or perhaps you saw the letters PMS and decided to promptly cross yourself off of your mental “list”, thinking that you couldn’t quite possibly have PMS. Well scrawl your name right back on that list my Dear, I’m here to tell you just how wrong you are, and the exact type of PMS that you have. Ready or not, your time has come.

In spite of what you may assume the letters PMS to normally stand for, in this scenario for you, it is very different. While gifts of chocolate and extra affection should never be shunned, this is a special “type”, and can only be experienced by someone like you after an amazing session with a woman such as myself.

Blame it on your PMS


Signs and Symptoms of Post Mistress Syndrome Include- Fully aroused and or engorged Sex Organs when just the mere memory of our session comes to mind. Feelings of desperation or anxiousness for “our next session”, changes in sexual appetite, and restlessness.

Treatment for PMS- When experiencing Post Mistress Syndrome, lifestyle changes such as having your cock completely controlled by yours truly, as well as feeling the time in between sessions with Audio Therapy can reduce your symptoms greatly.

And Remember- You’re not alone! There are many others out there like yourself who have found that they too have experienced PMS. All of whom are hoping to get support from me during this very intense need 4-5 times a week. Never forget that this is a special time for me as it is for you, and yes it is okay, and you are going to look forward to the next time you get to feel every ache and desire that Post Mistress Syndrome will bring you. When the time comes, keep calm and remind yourself that what you are feeling is perfectly normal, and your insatiable hunger for my attention and your next session with me can easily be scheduled via email


***Feel free to send me an email, and we can work on either scheduling a session or creating a wonderful custom audio in between our calls and emails.

1 comment to So you Have PMS?

  • Alex

    Hmm, interesting blog. Im a guy that suffers from PMS. Guys like crave attnetion from a lovely Mistress as yourself. Specking for myself, Im bascially in the , “friend zone”, with my wife sexually speaking. She has her fun with her big cocked bf, while I spend time playing cock hero.

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