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So you Have PMS?

Hello There Reader, And welcome back. Intrigued by my blog title? Sure you are! I am willing to bet that you’re anxiously wondering if this post applies to you at all, or perhaps you saw the letters PMS and decided to promptly cross yourself off of your mental “list”, thinking that you couldn’t quite . . . → Read More: So you Have PMS?

This is how we K.I.S.S.

Hello, there fabulous reader! And happy 2018. I can’t believe it, and I am so glad you decided to mosey on down and take a look at my blog. You’re likely reading this blog in hopes for a sweet little kiss from Mistress Tabetha, or you’re super smartie pants and knew exactly where I . . . → Read More: This is how we K.I.S.S.

Ouch that’s my balls! (A Christmas parody)

Hello Reader, and happy Holiday’s from me to you. In case you missed it, the fucking delicious Miss Brighton has posted about out Holiday blog train here. And for tomorrow’s holiday post, you can find it here with none other than the sexy Mistress Scarlet.

Denying you, the gift that keeps on giving!

. . . → Read More: Ouch that’s my balls! (A Christmas parody)

Hot Wife Q & A

Well, Howdy reader,

And welcome back to my neck of the woods. With all the storms in my area, and me getting a nice ass-whoopin’ from a head cold. I thought I’d bounce back with a pretty badass blog post if I do say so myself. When callers call in or email me, they . . . → Read More: Hot Wife Q & A

Take your whole world!

Mistress has awoken in an unusually icy cold mood! The warmth is just not here today.

Right at this very moment, I feel like picking up someone’s whole world and dropping it on top of their fucking head?! It’s amazing how one text message from your past can truly set your entire day in . . . → Read More: Take your whole world!

Are you strong enough?

Well hello there,

Lovely “seeing” you here, taking a tiny peek into my Mistress ponderings. I’m sure this title tickled your fancy too. It maybe even made you wonder if this was more of a challenge than a question. You would be justly correct in thinking so, but if you know me, you know . . . → Read More: Are you strong enough?

Gone Fishin’

Seriously, that’s where I’m going!

I am about to embark on a fly-fishing trip (the first for me), and I shall return Wednesday night just in time to bait and hook your cocks. 😉


Gone Fishin’!

Feel free to send me an email! I would love to hear from you while I . . . → Read More: Gone Fishin’

Who the fuck are YOU?!

I really wanna know! who are you? who, who, who, who?

Well hello, reader, and welcome to my blog. If it’s your first time perusing my Mistress ponderings; welcome.  Today’s posting will most assuredly be an out loud pondering for your pressing eyes to feast upon. Understand that this post is also a question . . . → Read More: Who the fuck are YOU?!

Oh Sissy Tree

Hello Reader and happy holidays to you and yours. Hopefully you had a chance to read Mistress Alyssa’s Blog Post from yesterday here first. I thought it would be fun to pay an ode to sissies for today’s posting in part of our Holiday blog chain that we Mistresses like to do together during . . . → Read More: Oh Sissy Tree

Birthday Suit!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I spent most of it in my birthday suit, or at least lingerie clad birthday suit for that matter. If you’re at all interested in half naked ole me then of course I implore you to please keep reading.

Hello Reader, and thank you so much for taking . . . → Read More: Birthday Suit!