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The Penis that Stole Sexmas, Part III: A Kinky Wonderland Story

Hello, reader, and thank you for making your way back for another installment of The Penis that Stole Sexmas. Yesterday, I left you with tiny penis man getting caught by none other than moi! Let’s pick up from where we left off shall we? Oh, and if you haven’t already, please . . . → Read More: The Penis that Stole Sexmas, Part III: A Kinky Wonderland Story

How to fix stress with an Orgasm


Hello reader, and also Happy Holiday’s to you.

While this is my favorite time of year, full of family and friend’s, laughter and joy. Hope for new things to come in the new year, reflecting on the things that were from this past year. If you’re like me your focus tends to . . . → Read More: How to fix stress with an Orgasm

Come party with me!!

Hello there reader, and welcome back to my Mistress corner. And as always thank you for reading. Today I was reflecting on the coming fall and the changes of the season. Summer is officially over, and back to reality. Little ittsy bitsy bikini’s will soon be swapped out for sweaters and thigh high . . . → Read More: Come party with me!!

Pass The Penis

Hello Reader, check out my blog title… pretty neat huh? Did you know that we offer a “Pass The Penis” option here at LDW? If you’d like to find out how you Mr. (or Ms.) Horny Reader could be passed around, then of course please keep reading.

Pass The Penis, because we love . . . → Read More: Pass The Penis

Penis Gangsters

Hello reader, and welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is not for the faint of heart. If you’re interested in being ganged up on by a couple of very capable Penis’ Gangsters (Ahem, Mistress’) then of course, please keep reading.

Reader, let’s start this blog off properly with an amazing shout out and . . . → Read More: Penis Gangsters

Jerk-off Robot

Hello Reader,

I hope this post finds you in a happy place, and if not… maybe I can cheer you up a bit with a masturbation marathon ¬†for chronic jerkers blog? And just to show you stroker boi’s that I do care about your “touchy-feely” kinks, I have decided to tell you naughty . . . → Read More: Jerk-off Robot

A Tug and a Tease

Hello Reader,

And many happy returns to my blog. Today’s post sort of speaks for itself. A Tug and a Tease… a simple yet effective cock control (Jerk off instruction) method. That has been known to bring a man to his knees, and beg me for more just a tug while I tease. Sometimes . . . → Read More: A Tug and a Tease

Little willy strikes again

He called me again. It’s been some time since I last heard his voice, and saw his little dick. But he did it! That little peen pervert called and exposed himself to me again. Little willy strikes again! But just not any dick, the smallest little pecker I’d ever laid eyes on. And that’s . . . → Read More: Little willy strikes again

Two Mistress Calls with Mistress Christine!

Hello Readers,

Happy Holidays to you all! I hope this post finds you well, or at least on the mend. this year is ending well for me, and I only look forward to 2015 each day.

Today’s post is sort of an ode to the wonderful Miss Christine. If you haven’t had a text . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Calls with Mistress Christine!

Rudolph the rug-burned Reindeer

Hello Readers,

And may I wish you the happiest of Holiday’s to you, and yours. Today’s blog post is in continuation with our Holiday Blog series “Walking in a Kinky Wonderland”. If you haven’t had the chance to take a look yet, Mistress Olivia has a wonderful assignment for the fellas in . . . → Read More: Rudolph the rug-burned Reindeer