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Oral lovers Smoking Fetish Delight

Hello Reader,

Here’s a blog about the little known, yet oh sooo sexy Smoking fetish. Never thought of smoking as a taboo fetish? Well then you just don’t know until you see that small forbidden stick in between my teeth. 😉


Puff, puff….give?

The simple act of a deep, relaxing inhalation from a . . . → Read More: Oral lovers Smoking Fetish Delight

My magic wand! -How I prefer to masturbate.


Hello again faithful reader! Welcome back.

Today’s post is literally all about my magic wand (the world’s BEST vibrator), and why I use it for ALMOST every call. If you are one of my regular callers, you are for certain to be familiar with my magic wand’s delicious buzzing sound, the moment I . . . → Read More: My magic wand! -How I prefer to masturbate.

Peek-a-boo, Tabetha sees YOU!


Hello again, glad to see you here!


Often I get asked by callers on whether or not I “watch” the cam during Skype or Yahoo IM sessions. My answer is always given with an excited “You bet your sweet ass I do!”. Something you might not know about me is, I used . . . → Read More: Peek-a-boo, Tabetha sees YOU!

Smokey Lipstick

Smoking Fetish??!! Certainly!

Some of the most amazingly enchanting conversations that I get to indulge in happens to be when a gentleman has a particularly dedicated fascination with all sexual encounters involving smoke and it’s sexy little ringlets, dancing and transforming at just the very speed of intoxicating tempo, caressing life’s most precious parts. . . . → Read More: Smokey Lipstick