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Quickie Sessions!

Hello Readers and many happy returns! If you’re interested in a quickie call with me, and would like to know more about why I love them, then of course please keep reading.

Short on time? Have a quickie! ūüėÄ

Recently you might have noticed my pretty mug all over our click to call . . . → Read More: Quickie Sessions!

Is It Me You’ve Been Looking For?

Is me you’ve been looking for?

Hello, reader, and thank you for taking the time to find your was to my Mistress corner. If you’re here, you are in spirit with me, and I thank you kindly for taking a moment to just be “us” for a little while. Perhaps you’ve been checking on . . . → Read More: Is It Me You’ve Been Looking For?

Tantalizing Tantra

Hello Readers,

And welcome back to my humble blog. Today we discuss a topic very dear to me….. face sitting, and of course yoga.

Currently I am researching Tantric yoga sex. I stumbled my way to such a thing in search for a good yoga video (I wasn’t looking for this time!), and blam-o. . . . → Read More: Tantalizing Tantra

Two Mistress Calls with Mistress Christine!

Hello Readers,

Happy Holidays to you all! I hope this post finds you well, or at least on the mend. this year is ending well for me, and I only look forward to 2015 each day.

Today’s post is sort of an ode to the wonderful Miss Christine. If you haven’t had a text . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Calls with Mistress Christine!

Rudolph the rug-burned Reindeer

Hello Readers,

And may I wish you the happiest of Holiday’s to you, and yours. Today’s blog post is in continuation with our Holiday Blog series “Walking in a Kinky Wonderland”. If you haven’t had the chance to take a look yet, Mistress Olivia has a wonderful assignment for the fellas in . . . → Read More: Rudolph the rug-burned Reindeer

Jingle Balls (Tease and Denial)

Hello Readers,

And thank you for swooping over to my blog.

This blog post is a special Holiday theme blog, taking part in the delightful Mistress Kay Marie’s “Kinky Wonderland”¬†series. Please take a look at her blog, and give her a Holiday jingle!! She managed to organize a few of us Mistress’ here, so . . . → Read More: Jingle Balls (Tease and Denial)

Spank you very much, Miss Tabetha may I please have another?!

Spank Spank Reader,

Fancy to see you around here! If you weren’t aware, I happen to LOVE to give¬†spankings¬†just as much as I love to get them. Always I have viewed spankings as more of a gift than a punishment. Why as a matter of fact I had a caller tell me that he . . . → Read More: Spank you very much, Miss Tabetha may I please have another?!

How do you blow a bull?

The perfect blowjob A perfect¬†blowjob¬†shouldn’t really be a job, but a joy for the “giver” to perform. And of course, a blast to receive, with my cock probing the back of Tabetha’s throat, I absolutely love feeling my cock going deeper down any throat. The idea of deepthroat is amazing but not as wonderful . . . → Read More: How do you blow a bull?

Get naked for us! Girls night out… (CFNM)

Hello Reader,

We meet again reader, and welcome back… my dirty mind has just been dying to share my latest “girls night out” with little ol’ you.

Many times I get callers asking if I could have my way with them, what would I do? “There are no limits Tabetha, I just want to . . . → Read More: Get naked for us! Girls night out… (CFNM)

To the Edge and Back (Edging experience)

Hello Reader… welcome back.

So, it dawned on me one random, rainy day a few months ago that I should be engaging in the art of edging. After all, I thought, in order for me to totally penetrate and cup the very essence of this fantasy I needed to not simply dip a pedicured . . . → Read More: To the Edge and Back (Edging experience)