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Ass Kissing Under the Mistletoe?

Hello there, reader, and welcome back to my Mistress musings. This post brings you some special holiday cheer in the form of one of my very favorite things, Ass Worship. Oh yeah, and just a hint of lipstick for leaving that perfect hint of color behind. If you’re a fan of lipstick and/or ass kissing, . . . → Read More: Ass Kissing Under the Mistletoe?

The Sniffing Throne

Hello Reader,

And welcome back to my naughty little corner. Today’s blog post hopefully caught your eye, and will of course keep you reading when I tell you… it’s about me using you as my own personal throne. So sit down, and hold on to your dicks, because Queen Tabetha is in . . . → Read More: The Sniffing Throne

Breaking up

Hello Reader,

And welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is a personal post, so I do hope that you take the time to read my thoughts.

As many of my long term callers know me, they know about my BBC named Tyson (Tye). It’s with a heavy heart that today I announce something . . . → Read More: Breaking up

Johnny Dildo

Hello reader and welcome to my blog. If you happen to be a fan of or just curious about sexually assertive women, who love to objectify men, then please keep reading…

For today’s blog post I would like to take a little time to pay some special homage to my friend and submissive man, . . . → Read More: Johnny Dildo

Cock Confession

Welcome Back Reader,

Today’s post is a Cock Confession. No, I’m not confessing my love of cock, that would be pointless, honestly based on my subject matter, it’s quite clear that I am quite a connoisseur of cock. So on a side perverted note; All together now- “Tabetha loves cock!”. With that being . . . → Read More: Cock Confession

Little Red Sissy

Hello reader, and welcome back. Today I have a sissy story, with a bit of a twist to share with you. If you’re interested in all things sissy, and cock… keep reading.

I have this dear sissy friend of mine, who just loves jizz. Okay, correction, she’s wild about jizz! And she doesn’t hide . . . → Read More: Little Red Sissy

Cum Cream

Hello Reader,

And many happy returns! If you’re a fan of semen on your face, or facials of any kind, please continue reading.Our Story today, brings us to the my sweet sissy friend Gale. Gale loves cum, as a matter of fact Gale would be what you would call a spunk queen, and . . . → Read More: Cum Cream

Girl Cum

Lady squirt!

I recently had a caller that had never heard the term, “Girl Cum” and it made me chuckle a bit so I thought I’d discuss this awesome lubricant/means of feedback that you, as a lover, are doing something very right! Ha!

So, basically, it is simply a fine viscous release when . . . → Read More: Girl Cum

Rudolph the rug-burned Reindeer

Hello Readers,

And may I wish you the happiest of Holiday’s to you, and yours. Today’s blog post is in continuation with our Holiday Blog series “Walking in a Kinky Wonderland”. If you haven’t had the chance to take a look yet, Mistress Olivia has a wonderful assignment for the fellas in . . . → Read More: Rudolph the rug-burned Reindeer

Jingle Balls (Tease and Denial)

Hello Readers,

And thank you for swooping over to my blog.

This blog post is a special Holiday theme blog, taking part in the delightful Mistress Kay Marie’s “Kinky Wonderland” series. Please take a look at her blog, and give her a Holiday jingle!! She managed to organize a few of us Mistress’ here, so . . . → Read More: Jingle Balls (Tease and Denial)