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The Penis that Stole Sexmas Part II: A Kinky Wonderland Story

Hello there, readers, and welcome back. I’m bringing you another Kinky Wonderland Holiday blog special. And if you haven’t already, you may want to take a chance to read my post from yesterday first, before you proceed any further. And, if you’re really up to getting your holiday perv on, feel free to . . . → Read More: The Penis that Stole Sexmas Part II: A Kinky Wonderland Story

The Penis That Stole Sexmas: A Kinky Wonderland Story

Hello, reader and welcome back to my Mistress blog. Today’s post is a special holiday post and will be given to you in three parts. If you read Mistress Brighton’s awesome post from yesterday, here, you’ll see that this is a chain blog, and a group effort. Started and organized by the Mistress . . . → Read More: The Penis That Stole Sexmas: A Kinky Wonderland Story

Fupa Loompa

Hello reader, and welcome back to my Mistress musings. Today’s blog post is a wee bit funny, and sexually educational. If you aren’t quite familiar with “FUPA’s” then please keep on reading.

Where’d your dick go? You seem to have a Vagina now!

What is a FUPA? A FUPA is an . . . → Read More: Fupa Loompa

Calling all pain sluts


Hello dear readers, and welcome back.

Today’s blog post is all about pain sluttery, and how I desire to inflict the firm hand that they crave. The majority of my callers know that while I am a sweetie, I am a no non-sense type of woman. I do not hold back the rod, . . . → Read More: Calling all pain sluts

Two Mistress Calls with Mistress Nadia

Hello Reader,

And welcome back to my sweet ole Mistress Corner. It has been an intense week so far, with lot’s of fantasies to share with my awesome callers. Thank you all for the great conversations and sharing of ideas. 😉 Today’s post is the lovely, and yet diabolical Mistress Nadia.

Two Mistress . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Calls with Mistress Nadia

Morning Twig

Hello Reader,

And fancy seeing you around here, reading up on all my naughty pondering’s, ans stories. Today’s post is all about that inevitable thing that happens when you have a penis, and it wakes up with a mind of it own. But, let’s also say that you yourself get morning wood, but . . . → Read More: Morning Twig

Little willy strikes again

He called me again. It’s been some time since I last heard his voice, and saw his little dick. But he did it! That little peen pervert called and exposed himself to me again. Little willy strikes again! But just not any dick, the smallest little pecker I’d ever laid eyes on. And that’s . . . → Read More: Little willy strikes again

Humiliation Masturbation!

Hello Reader and Welcome!

Today’s post is about humiliation and those who love to be humiliated while in the midst of masturbation. For a Mistress like myself ,there is something both exhilarating and freeing with a caller who is looking for this particular fetish. Humiliation sessions gives me a chance to tell the . . . → Read More: Humiliation Masturbation!

Cuckold clone

This is an exciting opportunity for all cuckolds!

We can all agree that when you explore the cuckold fetish and fantasy realm, that you can go just about anywhere when being cuckolded by the that special someone in your life. Or even fantasize about the one you love more than anything, getting pleased by . . . → Read More: Cuckold clone

The Cum Purse Bandit

So you want to cum in my purse?

I have this neighbor down my street who has a beautiful wife of whom he has been married to for many faithful years. For his sake, we’ll call him “Dick”. Dick loves to buy his wife fancy things, and lavish her with nice gifts, such . . . → Read More: The Cum Purse Bandit