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Ouch that’s my balls! (A Christmas parody)

Hello Reader, and happy Holiday’s from me to you. In case you missed it, the fucking delicious Miss Brighton has posted about out Holiday blog train here. And for tomorrow’s holiday post, you can find it here with none other than the sexy Mistress Scarlet.

Denying you, the gift that keeps on giving!

. . . → Read More: Ouch that’s my balls! (A Christmas parody)

Are you strong enough?

Well hello there,

Lovely “seeing” you here, taking a tiny peek into my Mistress ponderings. I’m sure this title tickled your fancy too. It maybe even made you wonder if this was more of a challenge than a question. You would be justly correct in thinking so, but if you know me, you know . . . → Read More: Are you strong enough?

The Penis That Stole Sexmas: A Kinky Wonderland Story

Hello, reader and welcome back to my Mistress blog. Today’s post is a special holiday post and will be given to you in three parts. If you read Mistress Brighton’s awesome post from yesterday, here, you’ll see that this is a chain blog, and a group effort. Started and organized by the Mistress . . . → Read More: The Penis That Stole Sexmas: A Kinky Wonderland Story

A Tug and a Tease

Hello Reader,

And many happy returns to my blog. Today’s post sort of speaks for itself. A Tug and a Tease… a simple yet effective cock control (Jerk off instruction) method. That has been known to bring a man to his knees, and beg me for more just a tug while I tease. Sometimes . . . → Read More: A Tug and a Tease

Tantalizing Tantra

Hello Readers,

And welcome back to my humble blog. Today we discuss a topic very dear to me….. face sitting, and of course yoga.

Currently I am researching Tantric yoga sex. I stumbled my way to such a thing in search for a good yoga video (I wasn’t looking for this time!), and blam-o. . . . → Read More: Tantalizing Tantra

Two Mistress Calls with Mistress Christine!

Hello Readers,

Happy Holidays to you all! I hope this post finds you well, or at least on the mend. this year is ending well for me, and I only look forward to 2015 each day.

Today’s post is sort of an ode to the wonderful Miss Christine. If you haven’t had a text . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Calls with Mistress Christine!

Rudolph the rug-burned Reindeer

Hello Readers,

And may I wish you the happiest of Holiday’s to you, and yours. Today’s blog post is in continuation with our Holiday Blog series “Walking in a Kinky Wonderland”. If you haven’t had the chance to take a look yet, Mistress Olivia has a wonderful assignment for the fellas in . . . → Read More: Rudolph the rug-burned Reindeer

Jingle Balls (Tease and Denial)

Hello Readers,

And thank you for swooping over to my blog.

This blog post is a special Holiday theme blog, taking part in the delightful Mistress Kay Marie’s “Kinky Wonderland”┬áseries. Please take a look at her blog, and give her a Holiday jingle!! She managed to organize a few of us Mistress’ here, so . . . → Read More: Jingle Balls (Tease and Denial)

Oral lovers Smoking Fetish Delight

Hello Reader,

Here’s a blog about the little known, yet oh sooo sexy Smoking fetish. Never thought of smoking as a taboo fetish? Well then you just don’t know until you see that small forbidden stick in between my teeth. ­čśë


Puff, puff….give?

The simple act of a deep, relaxing inhalation from a . . . → Read More: Oral lovers Smoking Fetish Delight

King Kong Dong! (chastity)

Hello Reader,

Coming at ya with another special post this Sunday evening. This post is about chastity!

Some of you might not know much about chastity, some of you may have never even thought about it until now. But yes having a woman lock your dick up in a cage is a fetish. And a . . . → Read More: King Kong Dong! (chastity)