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Ouch that’s my balls! (A Christmas parody)

Hello Reader, and happy Holiday’s from me to you. In case you missed it, the fucking delicious Miss Brighton has posted about out Holiday blog train here. And for tomorrow’s holiday post, you can find it here with none other than the sexy Mistress Scarlet.

Denying you, the gift that keeps on giving!

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Hot Wife Q & A

Well, Howdy reader,

And welcome back to my neck of the woods. With all the storms in my area, and me getting a nice ass-whoopin’ from a head cold. I thought I’d bounce back with a pretty badass blog post if I do say so myself. When callers call in or email me, they . . . → Read More: Hot Wife Q & A

Great News for Cuckolds

Hello, reader, and welcome back to my Mistress musings! If you’re reading this post,there’s a great deal of likelihood that my title quite possibly caught your cuckolding gaze for a moment, and lured you in here to get the inside scoop. This post is delivering nothing short of great news for cuckolds, and . . . → Read More: Great News for Cuckolds

The Penis that Stole Sexmas, Part III: A Kinky Wonderland Story

Hello, reader, and thank you for making your way back for another installment of The Penis that Stole Sexmas. Yesterday, I left you with tiny penis man getting caught by none other than moi! Let’s pick up from where we left off shall we? Oh, and if you haven’t already, please . . . → Read More: The Penis that Stole Sexmas, Part III: A Kinky Wonderland Story

The Penis That Stole Sexmas: A Kinky Wonderland Story

Hello, reader and welcome back to my Mistress blog. Today’s post is a special holiday post and will be given to you in three parts. If you read Mistress Brighton’s awesome post from yesterday, here, you’ll see that this is a chain blog, and a group effort. Started and organized by the Mistress . . . → Read More: The Penis That Stole Sexmas: A Kinky Wonderland Story

Would you be my Cuckold?

Hello Reader,¬†And many happy returns to my Mistress corner. Today’s blog post happens to be about one of my FAVORITE fetishes to do with callers. Yep cuckolding! I think I am long over due for a cuckolding post, so I thought I would be gracious and share with you.

My Cuckold will . . . → Read More: Would you be my Cuckold?

Breaking up

Hello Reader,

And welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is a personal post, so I do hope that you take the time to read my thoughts.

As many of my long term callers know me, they know about my BBC named Tyson (Tye). It’s with a heavy heart that today I announce something . . . → Read More: Breaking up

Cock Confession

Welcome Back Reader,

Today’s post is a Cock Confession. No, I’m not confessing my love of cock, that would be pointless, honestly based on my subject matter, it’s quite clear that I am quite a connoisseur of cock. So on a side perverted note; All together now- “Tabetha loves cock!”. With that being . . . → Read More: Cock Confession

Cuckold clone

This is an exciting opportunity for all cuckolds!

We can all agree that when you explore the cuckold fetish and fantasy realm, that you can go just about anywhere when being cuckolded by the that special someone in your life. Or even fantasize about the one you love more than anything, getting pleased by . . . → Read More: Cuckold clone

Rudolph the rug-burned Reindeer

Hello Readers,

And may I wish you the happiest of Holiday’s to you, and yours. Today’s blog post is in continuation with our Holiday Blog series “Walking in a Kinky Wonderland”. If you haven’t had the chance to take a look yet, Mistress Olivia has a wonderful assignment for the fellas in . . . → Read More: Rudolph the rug-burned Reindeer