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Five free minutes

Hello there readers, and welcome back to my Mistress world. Today’s post comes with an amazing announcement! And something that could make your cock and wallet a wee bit thicker. 😉

Starting today Wednesday September 30th (this means… RIGHT THE FUCK NOW- hehe), and ending on October 1st at 3:00am we will . . . → Read More: Five free minutes

What seduces you?

The hunt….the chase….the seduction….all part of a very satisfying and adventurous sex life. What, ultimately, seduces a person all depends of course, but there seems to be a few ways that always seduces a guy….or girl 😉 While some people may rely on a template of pick-up lines in order to seduce another . . . → Read More: What seduces you?

Come party with me!!

Hello there reader, and welcome back to my Mistress corner. And as always thank you for reading. Today I was reflecting on the coming fall and the changes of the season. Summer is officially over, and back to reality. Little ittsy bitsy bikini’s will soon be swapped out for sweaters and thigh high . . . → Read More: Come party with me!!

Fupa Loompa

Hello reader, and welcome back to my Mistress musings. Today’s blog post is a wee bit funny, and sexually educational. If you aren’t quite familiar with “FUPA’s” then please keep on reading.

Where’d your dick go? You seem to have a Vagina now!

What is a FUPA? A FUPA is an abbreviation . . . → Read More: Fupa Loompa