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The Cum Purse Bandit

So you want to cum in my purse?

I have this neighbor down my street who has a beautiful wife of whom he has been married to for many faithful years. For his sake, we’ll call him “Dick”. Dick loves to buy his wife fancy things, and lavish her with nice gifts, such . . . → Read More: The Cum Purse Bandit

Girl Cum

Lady squirt!

I recently had a caller that had never heard the term, “Girl Cum” and it made me chuckle a bit so I thought I’d discuss this awesome lubricant/means of feedback that you, as a lover, are doing something very right! Ha!

So, basically, it is simply a fine viscous release when . . . → Read More: Girl Cum

Why Phone Sex is so Intimate

In today’s ultra-techy world, where the benefits and opportunities of these advances seem to be obvious, or so it seems, there is a palpable divide between people and actually communicating (really) what they are saying. We were told in the 1970’s that computers would eventually cut the average person’s workload in half, while . . . → Read More: Why Phone Sex is so Intimate