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King Kong Dong! (chastity)

Hello Reader,

Coming at ya with another special post this Sunday evening. This post is about chastity!

Some of you might not know much about chastity, some of you may have never even thought about it until now. But yes having a woman lock your dick up in a cage is a fetish. And a . . . → Read More: King Kong Dong! (chastity)

Tabetha’s Honesty Policy (Humiliation)


Hello Reader,

If you’re reading this blog post, you clearly came here for another “honesty pounding”….

Recently, I have had a lot of my callers ask about my “honesty policy”, something I pride myself in. Yes, of course I get callers who would like a fantasy, and a role play type of call. . . . → Read More: Tabetha’s Honesty Policy (Humiliation)

Two Mistress Call with Lilly and My Big Cock

Hello there reader,

Happy to see that you’ve landed back on my sweet blog. And for that… you shall reap a very special reward. A blog entry from none other than my Black Cock himself. This is his perspective to a two Mistress call with Me, and the delicious Lilly. Here is the FIRST . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Call with Lilly and My Big Cock

To the Edge and Back (Edging experience)

Hello Reader… welcome back.

So, it dawned on me one random, rainy day a few months ago that I should be engaging in the art of edging. After all, I thought, in order for me to totally penetrate and cup the very essence of this fantasy I needed to not simply dip a pedicured . . . → Read More: To the Edge and Back (Edging experience)

The Neglected Cross-dressing Sissy Part I


Hello Reader…fancy finding you here.

Today’s blog post is all about a poor neglected sissy cross-dresser I found crying in a messy heap, outside of a very popular nightclub. The poor thing had haphazardly drawn makeup all over her face. Causing her to appear “un-lady like”, only accentuated by stream of tears down . . . → Read More: The Neglected Cross-dressing Sissy Part I

My Bull Part II Q&A

Hello reader, great to see you back!

Yesterday I had a Q&A session with my Bull Tyson “Tye”. I think you’ll enjoy this, because we cover a wide array of topics. Enjoy!

XOXOX Tabby & Tye


1) Tabetha: What did you first notice about me?

. . . → Read More: My Bull Part II Q&A