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Mr. Tiny (Small Penis Humiliation)

Hello Reader,¬†And thank you for your return to my blog. Today’s post is about the tiniest penis, I ever saw…..

In the past I have made reference to my honesty during calls, or text sessions. This is because I feel in society, honesty has become something risque. We are now in a world where . . . → Read More: Mr. Tiny (Small Penis Humiliation)

You’re submissive? I don’t believe you…

I chuckle when I get the subs that call in and swear up and down that they’re perfect little subbie, but then their mannish nature shines through like a lightly scuffed chrome rim in a landfill.

It’s just THERE!

No pouting allowed

But alas, some subs, are truly the submissive types that I . . . → Read More: You’re submissive? I don’t believe you…

My Cuckold

Hello there,

in my last blog post I talked a little bit about my hot bull, and introduced you to our beginning. But with great beginning’s, there is a “before”. Before Tye I was an entirely different woman. I was devoted, naive and had zero clue about orgasm’s.¬†Behind every good cuckoldress, is a little . . . → Read More: My Cuckold